Sunday, July 30, 2006

Next round of Stitch markers made

Well I just finished 6 more sets. Click on the photo to enlarge. I've got two more sets on the table working on them. One of them is for my partner for the stitch marker exchange, so I will not be posting photos of it when I'm finished, till I'm sure she has received them first.  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Dreadlock Bag finished

Well it's felted, however still a little damp. And I'm wondering where in the heck I'm going to needle felt Skeeter's photo at. I quess where the yarn swings to the right and there's a hole. (Bottom Photo) LOL> I do love all the dreadlocks though. Call me strange. Now I have to figure out what kind of handle I want. It turned out shorter than what I wanted and wider than I wanted. Oh well, live and learn. You can't see the dark grey underneath. Oh well, when I do it again, I'll know to add a lot more rows and maybe make it shorter width wise. Gotta go revise my pattern now, before I forget. Posted by Picasa

Prefelted Dreadlock Bag

Well I finally finished knitting my bag. It's getting ready to go into the washer in a hot bath. You can tell how big it is by looking at the tin of gum on the purse. The white fringe on top will actually become matted like dreadlocks. I've seen this done on a bag in our group called "The Bob Marley" bag. It's a beautiful bag. I wanted something just a little wider and a little larger, so I could needle felt the photo of my dog onto the purse. It's the photo that you see on this blog. Well see how it goes. It will be my first attempt to needle felt. I'll have to call on a email buddie, Chappy to help I'm sure. She has some wonderful purses with needle felting, you can look at her photos at: However I don't believe she's posted all her latest additions. Beautiful work, and I especially love the needle felting. I ran out of black yarn to do the handle, so I'll be going to the LYS tomorrow to pick up a skein. I'll post a photo of the felted bag, before the needle felting hopefully tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

Friday, July 28, 2006

Two more sets of Stitch markers

Ok, I have made two more sets of stitch markers made. On the left is a pink and green one that seems to me to be very dainty and femine. Which I am not! It would be idea for someone that has those qualites or maybe even a young knitter. As with all my other stitch markers, these also will fit up to a size 11 knitting needle. Then on the top is my copper and brown's. I really like this one!!!!! It would be idea for anyone that happens to love animals or animal stuff. Like me!!!! LOL> I think it's toooooo cute. Excuse for me bragging, I'm just so excited about doing these. I've wanted to for so long. And can't believe there coming together for me. My creative juices are flowing. Just hoping there flowing in a good direction. ROFL>>>>> There a lot of fun, but they are work as well. OK, back to the drawing board!

The fifth set

Another set tonight. This is acutally a little off white bead on each end, with a shell added after that and then ( I guess), it's a stone in the center. You need to click on it to see the detail well!!! Kind of interesting. Good neutral colorPosted by Picasa

Fourth set finished

Here's another one. Did two tonight. I've gotta improve in a lot of areas. One being the twist at the top that attaches to the "O" Ring. Can't seem to get those really smooth. This is "Just Silver". I'm thinking of naming my stitch markers. I started with twisting the wire to make the circle at the bottom, added a small silver bead, larger middle section, then another silver bead and closed it off. For the longer one, I've added three black beads to tell it apart. That being used to mark a specific place, like the beginning of a row.Posted by Picasa

3rd. Set of Stitch markers made

Just finished my 3rd set of stitch markers tonight. Click on it it enlarge. Silverbeads w/ blue glass beads and paua shells. I've made one stitch marker longer than the others, in case for ex.: you need to mark the beginning of a row and then use the others to mark differences in the pattern. On this one I've added a dolphin, instead of the shell. Once again, the photo does not do this one justice. I think it's my favorite of all I've madePosted by Picasa

Monday, July 24, 2006

2nd. set of Stitch Markers finished

I just finished my 2nd. set of markers and posted them to the exchange site. Don't know yet when we're going to start the exchange, however I don't know that I'll use any of the one's I've posted so far. I would like for my partner to have a surprise when she gets her stitch markers. I'm off to Hobby Lobby tomorrow for more stones. I still have plenty left, however H.L. is having a sell. 50% off their stones. LOL> I want to have plenty of variety to chose from. Got several ideas in mind. Well it's late, so I'm off for the night. Posted by Picasa

My first stitch markers

I just made my first set of stitch markers. They are in various shades of green. For some reason I can not get a good photo. Operators problem again! LOL> Double click on it to take a closer look. Not bad, I guess for the first set. On to the next. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mid July KAL for Monthly Dishcloths

Well I finally finished it last night. Monthly Dishcloths ( a yahoo group) had a Knit-A-Long. The finished product was a surprise. You had to pick some yarn - any color- and then everyday, they would give you so many rows to knit. I got a little behind, what with keeping my "Lake" and then coming home to over 100 email to go thru. Whew!!!! That's from all the yahoo groups I belong too and then some personal ones as well. So I just finished my KAL. But I love the finished product!!!! I'll do this one again, although I feel like this one is too pretty to use. LOL. I picked a yellow and white varigated cotton thread. Don't know why, but I like it!!! I love this pattern. It's a mock cable. I only had to frog two rows and that's from watching TV and not paying attention during the hardest row. The one with so many changes. Oh well, off to work on my purse. I've just changed colors to the dark gray. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Knitting Charms from Maile

I've joined a new Yahoo Group that teaches you how to make stitch markers. We will be exchanging on this group as well. I just went out today and bought some tools, round nose pliers, some wire, beads, jump rings, etc. to start my path down this road. I love to do things with my hands!!!!! And this is something that I've been wanting to do. When I saw Maile post on another group, I immediately went over and signed up. I'm so excited to have someone like her teaching / helping me. I'll have more info. up later on the side bar about this group and her blog site. I received a puffy ( a large envelope) with some charms in it to help me get started. I think to really get us excited and I AM>!!!!!!!!!! You will see 2 sheep, 2 balls of thread with knitting needles and 2, I love knitting. I had asked her about these particular chams earlier and guess what, that's waht I got. I love it. Thanks, Maile. I'm looking forward to this adventure with you and the rest of the girls. Posted by Picasa

My First Scarf Exchange

This is my very first scarf exhcange. In case some of your are wondering. On one of the yahoo groups I'm a member of, you can sign up for different exchanges. I signed up for the dishcloth and scarf exchange. Newbies ( like me) can only sign up for two, until they prove they will make what they've signed up for and get it sent by a certain date. My partner for this exchange was Joye Summers from Gleason, TN. Didn't she do a fantastic job!!! She designed the scarf herself. I'm impressed!!!!! I don't know if you can see the colors well, however you can click on the photo and it will enlarge for you. It's kind of sherbet colored. It's two different yarns. One is a ribbon, called Ibiza and the other is Maxime, which looks like two yarns/ thread put together. Lots of fringe on it, which is totally me. LOL> She also wrote down the pattern for the scarf for me and sent the yarn that was left, so if I want to I can make my granddaughter something with it. She also sent my little "Lake" a peach and silver bracelet. I will tell her it's from Joye, however she's 10-1/2 months and will not know what I'm talking about. LOL. She also sent a pattern for the cutest hat to make for Lake. You'll see it at the top right corner of the photo. And a calendar photo album for 2007. You know who's photos will be in there. And last, but certainly not least she sent me my very first stitch markers in the cutest little silk satchel. Their green stones of various kinds. It's one of my daughters favorite colors, so I will have to watch them carefully. Just kidding, she does not have time to knit right now with "Lake" and teaching college part time. But she'll love the colors. Thank you so much Joye. I will enjoy everything you sent. I hope to be your partner again real soon! Posted by Picasa

My First Dishcloth Exchange

My very first dishcloth exchange was with Cindi Scruggs from KC, MO. Didn't she do a beautiful job!!!!! Look at the colors. I love them. She sent me a note that said she had a small ball of leftover yarn that she really liked and decided to make me the angel. She can make anything she wants for me with any leftovers she has! I've got the angel hanging in my kitchen. It's really too pretty to use. It looks like Ice Cream Sherbet. The colors in the round one are equally as pretty. I mean look at them!!!! I love them both. Plus she sent me three tea bags. I love hot tea!!!!! Two of the bags I have never tried before, so this be will an interesting experiment. Thank you Cindi for being my dishcloth exchange partner. I love them! I hope we will be partners again someday! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Another purse in the works

This is another purse I'm working on. It's a mixture of two different purse patterns. It starts with a black bottom working in black up the side till I run out, then I'll add on the dark gray till it runs out, then light grey. After I complete all the knitting in the round, I'll add the off white in strings for fringe on the top . Then felt. After felting, I plan to needle felt a photo of my Schnauzer. The one's that on a previous post here. Take a look at the photo. I'm planning on doing him from the neck up. Since he's a salt & pepper I think it will look good needle felted on the colors I've chosen. I'm working on this while I'm doing the dishcloth. I have not forgotten I've still have a hot pink purse from a previous post that I've not finished. It gets really boring just going in circles. So I have to have several things going at one time. I think that's why I'm enjoying the dishcloths, because I finish them so fast. I'll post some more as I go along. Posted by Picasa

Mid July Dishcloth in the works

This is the beginning of a mid July dishcloth pattern from a group called "Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group" of which ( of course) I'm a member of. The pattern is a secret when you start. Of course you have the opetions to participate or not. They give you the type of yarn, not color and daily instructions. 10 rows every day. It's exciting to see the pattern come together. I'm loving this one and will do it again. It almost looks like a cable. Click on the photo to enlarge. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bee Hive Dishcloth

Just finished my Bee Hive ( skep) Dishcloth. It really turned out well!! I don't seem to be able to capture these very well with my camera. Don't know if the light is not any good or it's the operator. LOL. More than likely the operator. I'm thinking this will be a Christmas gift, or maybe another Dishcloth Exchange???? The pattern comes from Leisure Arts, "Garden Dishcloths to Knit" by: Melissa Bergland Burnham. She has some wonderful patterns in her book and they are very well written from the one that I have made so far and the one's that I have gone over with full intentions of making. She has a wonderful Frog, really cute, a Hummingbird & Trumpet Vine, the Bee Skep, Sunflower, Rose, Topiary with heart, Butterfly, Michigan Cherries, Ladybug ( one of my personal favorites), Tulip, Cardinal, and a Birdhouse. Plus I like the fact that in the back of the book, she has written down the name of the colors she used. I might add she did a wonderful job of the color selection as well. At least that's the opinion of this humble knitter. Go take a look!!! I think you will love them, if you like Dishcloths at all. I've posted two views of the dishcloth, hoping you can see it. You can also click on the photo and it will enlarge it to get a better look. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Dragonfly Washcloth

This is the dishcloth that I had orginally intended to use as a dishcloth exchange. However it came out really large and open and you could not tell the details. So I made another one ( the bobble sheep) and mailed it off. But now that I have washed and dryed it, it shrunk and you can tell the details! Sorry the camera does not show it very well!!!! I first saw this pattern on : MesmerEyed Knitting Page. I have the link on the side of my blog on : "Sites I like to Visit". I fell in love with hers and she gave me the info to get the pattern from the lady that created it. Oops, Looks like I need to snip the end that's now hanging down after the washing and drying. I'm doing another one now that has a bee hive on it. I'm thinking about doing several different ones to give as little Christmas gifts to friends. Posted by Picasa

My knitted items made for my granddaughter to be!!! LOL

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sheep Dishcloth

Not a very good photo, however this is a sheep dishcloth for a Dishcloth exchange I'm doing.
I hope Cindi likes it. I tried to do a dragon fly for it and it turned out really bad. Went to a smaller needle and decided to do this bobble sheep. Kind of hard to tell what it is thou. I think next time I will do the face and legs in black or brown, so you call really see them. I think after I have used up the white on something really plain / simple, I'll get some color yarn for anything that has a design to it. Oh well off it goes to it's new owner.
PS. Just got a email from it's new owner(Cindi ) and she loves it. She says she will NOT be using it on dishes thou. LOL. I'm so glad she liked it. Now I'm off to start a scarf for a scarf exchange I'm in. To Knit, to Knit , I go!!!! ROFLPosted by Picasa

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mimi & Me ~ 4th of July