Tuesday, February 20, 2007

From The Heart Swap from Linda

Oh my goodness, I just got the best swap package from my partner Linda in Baltimore. Thank you so very much Linda. Where do I start??? The Portable Crafter KNITTING book,Clear Bag for my knitting supplies, Slly hansen 28 hr. hadn cream, 8 emery boards, 3 of the cutest pencils, 2 sheep ( so I can make my own wool) LOL>>>. Pinky Poo Keychain, I think my little Lake will take this one away from Mimi. (ME)! Gyvlia Tea ~ oh my goodness, it smells so good!! Honey Mint Ginsing!!! Can't wait to try it. Strawberry chapstick,(5) five sock patterns. The cutest wooden box with all kinds of beads in it. I'm going to make you some stitch markers and send them back to you. And sorry there was 3 lolly pops. They immediately went into the ole' purse. ROFL. And Betty Crocker Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie Mix ( which will be eaten tonight). And definitely last not but not least the most beautiful yarn I have ever laid my eyes on. A skein of Lisa Souza Sock Yarn!!!!!! The color is called Violet Pink Ribbon Color Way. A percentage of the purchase of this yarn went to good cause as well. Which makes me doubly glad!!!!!!!!! Liza Souza gave the proceeds from tese to a fund for either violet ( Linda thinks that's right) or lime from lime and vilet podcast, when one of them found a lump and needed to raise money. Linda I abosleutly LOVE THIS YARN. Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Son, and grandchildren

I don't get many photos of my son, his wife and their two children. My grandson, Tyler is 12 and my grand daughter Ashley is 8 yrs. old. Just thought I would post a photo from Christmas of them. Posted by Picasa

My new hat my Mimi made me

I do love my hats and especially the one Mimi made me. However Mimi is not happy with the sweater. My arms are very slender and it does not fit right. So once again, she is going to take it home and redo the sleeves. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Progress on socks

Well I'm making a little progress on my two socks on the magic loop. Being sick does not help the knitting time. But I will definitely knit my socks this way again. Two at one time on the magic loop for me is the only way to go. No SSS ( Second Sock Syndrome) for me. When they are done, their done!!! This is Zitron Trekking yarn my sis sent me in a big ole surprise pkg. w/ different kinds of sock yarns. The color is #21. I think they are turning out cute. I like the way the color's are blending. Once again I'm just doing a plain vanilla sock pattern. Next sock thou, I'm doing a pattern one. I love my sock groups. Sock knitters really rock. They are some of the best people. Thanks again Sis for the yarn!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

Finshed the sweter and hat

Well I finally finished the hat and sweater. I had to take the sleeves back out and legthen them~ as they of course were too short. Then had to try the hat on and see where to turn the brim up at. Then sew the butterfly on. Now just gotta try them on the model and take photos. I'll be sure and post them as well!! You know I will!
The sweater is called "Salsa" Child Cardigan by Skacel Collection, Inc. done in Labrador yarn by Crystal Palace,in color #9583. The hat is called Butterflies by Lisa Knits. www.lisaknits.com Posted by Picasa