Friday, April 13, 2007

Back in the Garden's again ~ one year later

Boy how the time has passed. One year later and we're back the Garden's where the tulips are blooming again and look at how my little sweetie pie has grown. She's growing so fast. And smart!!!!! Now really I'm not prejudice!!!!! Even her Dr. says so. She's 19 months now and can count from 1 -14. She sings her ABC's. Knows various songs!! Does the cutest things!!!! I've got a few photos to add to this later, however I have to finish the film off first. Think I will take her to an old mill tomorrow and try to get that roll finished. I'm not a very good photo taker. Drat it all!!!!! Will add those as soon as I get the developed! That's all for now on my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!