Thursday, February 21, 2008

Next socks up


This will be my next socks. I've already got them cast on. It's Colinette Yarn ~ Jitterbug, Colorway Popsicle #146. It's white with a hint of lavender and moss green. Hope the photo shows the true color. I think this pattern ( from Stitches of Violet ~ Shetland Lace Rib Sock ) will look good in it. Oh well what do I know???? LOL. It will just be my third set of socks. I'm HOPING this pattern will look good in it, is more like it!!!!!!! Don't forget you can click on the photo to see it better!!!!!!!!!!

I have too much going on in my life at the moment and hardly any time for knitting. My daughter is 18 weeks pregnant with our grandson. And my princess who I keep 3 days a weeks is now almost 30 months old. It's hard to imagine that I can love another like I love her!!!! But I know I will!!! My nephew is exspecting twins, one boy, one girl, so I need to be knitting things for them. And my other nephew is exspecting a litle girl in about 3 weeks. And my dad, if you look a couple of photos down, we have just put into a Gereatric Physc Ward. He started doing goofy stuff and we had to take turns spending the night with mom and some times she was there by herself. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's. (Wrong diagnosis) He shuffled his feet and fell a lot and was beginning to get forgetful and then started imagining things. He would stay up all night or most of the night and mom was getting no sleep. If she slept he would tear the house up. It's a long story. Anyway, after being there last Monday night all by herself and him keeping her up all night hallucinating, she called Tues morning and said it was time to do something. So Tues morning he was checked in at the Physc Ward. It's so heart breaking to see such a strong man in this condition. The Dr. said he has Lewy Body Disease, a aggresive form of Dementia that does turn into Parkinsons as well. It came on fast and seems to be getting no better. He has been very aggresive at the ward and very little sleep at all. He's slipped out of every device they've put on him. Slipped out of his wheelchair while he was strapped in. They have nicknamed him Houdini. He even got behind the nurses station the other day and emptied out their drawers and was throwing stuff at them. They have a tent bed they put him in at night and sedate him. They changed him meds yesterday and we thought it was helping. They had him in a recliner not belted in and he made a little more sense, but tonight he was bad again. They already had him sedated and in him bed when visitatioon time came. He was making no sense whatsoever. Before we can take him to a nursing home, they have to find a med that will make him sleep all night and not be aggresive. I just set and cry and cry and cry. I told my hubby the other night, I was scared and don't want to lose my dad, but truth is that's not my dad as I knew him and never will be again. So I've already lost him. I know there are some of you out there that know what I'm talking about. I have a good friend Janet B. that I can talk to, that does help a lot as she went through the same thing. Take care my friends and make the most of every precious moment you have with your loved ones. Whether your grandkids, kids or parents.
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2nd. pair of socks finished

Well FINALLY I got my second pair of socks finished!!!!! Click on the photo to see it better!!!! They are just plain vanilla sock pattern, made out of Trekking Zitron Yarn that my adopted sis Chappy gave me!!!!! How do they look Chappy? Gail D. from Sockamaniac Yahoo Group told me how to do the swirl toe, so I tried it on this sock. But I kitchnered the toe at 8 stitches and don't think I was suppose to do that. I think I was suppose to draw the yarn through all 8 stitches. I'll have to ask her. Oh well, they look pretty good though. Not near as square toed as the first pair. I did forget a hint another lady told me about the first stitch of the last eight. Makes sense huh?????? LOL. No she told me when I get to 8 stitches on each side ( top and bottom) to take the outside stitch and pass it over, leaving 6 sts. total. Does that make sense??? Suppose to round of the toe some. Oh well I'll keep practicing.
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Friday, February 08, 2008

My Grandson to be in the womb

Well IT'S A BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's 17 weeks and 2 days in the womb. Everything is perfect. She checked everything from spina bifida to anything else she could and he's perfect. he'll be a little bigger than my baby girl was. She was 5 lbs. 15 oz. Long and slender. He was very active while she was doing the ultrasound, which is a good sign!!! I knew it was going to be a boy!!!! You should have seen my son-in-law. he was grinning like the cat that ate the bird!!!!!!! He was on the phone in noe time telling his parents which live close to 3 hrs. away!!! But not to be out done, so was Mimi telling everyone she could think of to call. I was going to include one more to show that he was a boy, but thought that offend some people, so I'll leave it off!!!! My daughter let me bring home the film to scan and then to email to her as she does not have a scanner and then she can email who she wants as well!!!! Like there's anyone else to tell, but you, the people who might read my blog. Now to knit for a boy!!!!!!! Thanks for listening to me brag!!!! He's due the mid of July. No name yet, although their thinking of Sawyer!!!
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