Saturday, September 30, 2006

New purse on the needles

Well I've got a new purse on the needles. And as you can see it's in black. My favorite color, especially as far as bags go. This one is a surprise for a friend. I'll be doing needle felting on it. I'll post a photo before I get ready to felt it and then after. However I'll not post a photo with the needle felted object on it, until I have given it to this friend. She has no idea it's coming her way. But she does check the blog from time to time. The pattern is by "Two Old Bags". It's the "Oval Bottom Handbag". I've got the sides done ~ up to the short rows. I'm doing the short rows on one side now. Then just have to do the other short rows on the other side. I love the way the bag looks on the pattern. Lets hope this one turns out as well. Very classy looking bag. The yarn I'm using is Cascade Pastaza. Compared to Cascade 220, it felts a lot thicker. My LYS had made a swatch with the cascade 220 doubled and the Pastaza side by side and it was such a difference. Don't think I'm going back to the 220. I've ordered enough Pastaza to do another bag that I will be needle felting a Macaw on. Can't wait to get the yarn in for that one. Progress on one of my other bags: If you look at the bottom of my blog you'll see a hot pink Lucy bag. I'm slowly adding some rows on that. It's just so boring going around in circles. And I've bought another pattern that I'll be ordering yarn for as well, as soon as I make up my mind which colors I want to use. Take a look: . Scroll down and look for the Trellis Tote and Flap Bag. It's the purple, pink and orange flap bag. Don't know if I'll be doing those colors or not. Love the bag!!!!!! PS. Someone asked about using one strand of yarn on the bag. Yes with Pastaza you only use one strand as compared to two strands with 220. And it's still twice as thick using just one strand.  Posted by Picasa

My first pair of socks on the needle

While I do not like the color of the yarn, I am still having fun learning how to knit socks. As you can see I've not gotten far with them. I think I was just scared to start. I went to and watched a video showing you how to work with the two circular needles instead of the small three and four sock needles. I really am having fun. Progressing a little slow, but I'm getting there. I would like to thank a yahoo friend for helping me. Colleen P. She has encouraged me and is going to walk me thru it, when I get a little further along. Thank you Colleen. Like I said, I'm not crazy about the colors, but my LYS did not have any of my colors as far as sock yarn goes. Oh well. It's good experience. Maybe it will be a gift to someone. Who knows. I post progress after I get to the heel. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Sweet thing

This is my Son-in-Love's and my favorite of all her birthday photos. I agree with my SIL. It looks as if she's seen God and He's looking down at her. I'd like to carry this everywhere I go just to look at it. Think I've got to order another one of this. Posted by Picasa

Sweet thing in her birthday dress

This of course is my "JOY". She's wearing her birthday dress, Mimi bought her for this special occasion. Isn't she lovely??? Posted by Picasa

Another one of sweet thing

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Sweet thing ~ 1 yr. old

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Four generations of women

This is a recent photo of my mother, my self ( Mimi), my daughter and my granddaughter. I wanted to have it done for a lot of reasons. I think my mom is still a beautiful woman, even at 78. And of course I think my daughter is beautiful!!! And what can I say about that granddaughter. She's the light of my life! This was taken a couple of days after sweet things 1st. birthday. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 17, 2006

My granddaughter ~ 1 year old

Taken all names off my blog!!!!!

I have been advised to take all names off my blog for safety sake. My granddaughters, daughters, and son-in-law's and any others that I had put on here. With this sick world out there and such great access to blogs, etc. I think it would better to do it this way. Most of you will know who I am and the name of my love ones. But I felt it better to do this. God bless each and every one of you and Ps. 91 covers us all.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Changed the Name of My Blog

I had another person contact me to let me know that I had the same name of her blog. She wondered if I would consider changing the name of mine. She had , had her blog going since Jan. 2005 and mine was started June 2006. She was concerned that there may be problems later on with blogger, etc. So after a little thought I decided to change it to For Me & Mimi. My blog is about my granddaughter and myself. My daughter had given me a scrapbook at Christmas thats says' "Mimi & Me". My husband thinks I should give my bags with the needle felting a name, in case I wanted to sell them. He came up with "For Me". This bag's For Me. Get it???? Lol. I kind of liked it, so there it is!!!!! A combination of Mimi & Me and For Me and Mimi. My bags will a piece of my precious little granddaughter in them. Only we will know it. Everyone that might be interested in one of "For Me" will think it's for me ( them). I've named my Toucan Bag "Toucy'". So if it sells, someone will be able to say: "Toucy For Me". ROFL.
The address will stay the same, as it is not the same URL as hers.