Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our family photo at Christmas

Well this a photo of my Mom (79) and Dad (81) and to the left of the photo in the back is my sister, she's the oldest. Then there's me in the middle, I'm the middle child as well. And then my brother, he's the baby. Don't forget you can click on the photo to make it larger if you need to. This was taken at Christmas this year. I just wanted to post this to my blog and I'm not even sure why. Dad's health is not very good. They believe he's got Parkinson's Disease. He shufles his feet so bad that he's fallen several times now. So mom and my sister went and got several wheelchairs for him. He has an electric one. He also has another for just in the house to use and then a fold up one that mom can lift out of the back of the car. My little granddaughter and I go out to see them every Monday and they seem to wait in great anticipation for our visit. I want her to know and hopefully remember her Granny and Papa , her great-grandparents. I got to know and remember 3 of mine. I'm hoping that all goes normal so that my next grand baby due in mid July will get to know them as well. My princess loves going to see her Granny and Papa. She knows that every Monday Granny has Choc. cake made just for her. She loves Granny Choc. cake!!!!! I think it wears them out, but yet they love it so much!!! Dad will forget what day it is and ask if she's coming to see him that morning. And mom will have to tell him what day it is and tell him not yet. I take her to Library Day on Wen. to do arts and crafts and learn about different Countries and the animals, etc that live there. She loves Library day and then she wants to come here for a little while and play. So I bring her home with me!!!! Then take her home in time to feed her lunch and put her down for her nap. She will be 29 months the 1st. of Feb. Just seems the other day she was born. Gosh how I love that little stink. It's hard to imagine that I can love another one as much as her. But I know I will. We'll find out Feb. 7th what my daughter is having. And of course it will be on here.
Up top you will notice I've posted another photo as well of my great-grandparetns that I went to see every Sat. when I was little. It was about a one hour drive if I remember correctly, since there were no freeways back then. This is my dad's grand parents on his mom's side. He looks a lot like his grandad I think. Mama Ben as we called her was 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Although she looks full blooded. Everyone refused to talk much about it, back then it was not good!!!! Oh well the times they have changed. Then also on my dad's side, but this time on his dad's side ( is this confusing) Pocahontas was my 8th great grandmother. A fact I'm very proud of!!!!! My aunt (dad's sister) wanted to join a group called "Daughter's of the American Revolution" and to do this she had to research and brings papers showing certain facts. While she and my grandfather were researching the info, they ran across this interesting fact. And yes I have the papers to prove it!!!! I love it!!! Oh well enough for now. I'll be posting about my new grand baby to be soon. So watch for the up coming news. You might even hear me shout. I don't know I have a feeling it's a boy. My daughter thinks it's another girl. They don't care as long as it's healthy!!!! And after all that's the important part.
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