Sunday, January 20, 2008

What's on the needles for now!!

Well this is the Baby afghan that I'm working on for this next Saturday. My daughter and I are throwing my sister's daughter-in-law a baby shower and I'm trying to get this thing knitted. But during the pattern if you lay it down you could be in trouble. I've ripped it totally out once and started all over again. Then I've ripped back 4 times and now guess what, that's right!!!! I set it down to fix supper just knowing I would remember where I was at and of course I didn't and now I get to rip it back again for several rows. Rats. I hope it gets made before Sat. Maybe from now on I'll remember to write down which row I'm on before I lay it aside!!!! Running out of time on it and have a very busy week ahead!!! Second photo is of a sweater I'm knitting for me. This will be my very first sweater for me. You can see a photo of the back of it in the book. I think it's going to be beautiful!!! It's very form fitting! And now that I've lost 45-1/2 lbs and still need to go another 10 to 20, it should look good on me. LOL. And third but not last I'm making slow progress on the socks. I'll do a couple of rows in between something, like when I need to rip out the baby blanket. UGH!!!

I just wanted to tell you I found a site that I had lost when my computer crashed. Yes it crashed!!!! Right before Christmas. It had been going in and out!! Lost everything. All my patterns, those I found on the net, those shared from friends and those I paid for that were PDF's. Photos, web sites that I love to visit, etc. Had 4 different techs, all from different places look at it and got nothing. Not one thing!! I had backed it up on an external hardrive with a program that encoded it. I told it not to, but it did anyway. And the software company said there was nothing they could do for me. The encryption code was over 500,000 letters and figures. Anyway one of my favorite sites was of Terry M., the Sailing Knitter. Her and her husband sold their home and bought a sail boat and are sailing all over the ocean. I'm living my life through her. I had lost this site and loved looking at her photos and reading her adventures. Someone posted it the other day on one of my yahoo groups and I found it again. I'm so happy, can you tell?????? I wish I could do that, but instead I'll live it through her. Thanks Terry!!
Anyway just wanted to post my works in progress or my OTN ( on the needles). Off to work on the baby afghan again!!
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