Monday, March 26, 2007

My Sweetie

This is my favorite photo of her with the daffadils. She was so easy with them. I thought you might enjoy the smaller photo as well. It shows just a little of how many daffadils there were and this is just a small portion of them. Double click on the photos to get a better look. There was a fenced off section where you allowed to pick some of the flowers. And then there is a cross at the top of the hill with seating around it, where you can set and rest or meditate, or just enjoy people watching. And while there were no dogs allowed, a stray seem to find his way in. He looked half pit, half lab. He seem to think that everyone was there to see him. Being the animal lover that I am, along with my daughter, we could not pass up the opportunity to show him a little love!!!! Before we left,we decided to enjoy a BBQ that they were serving at the entrance of the field and then went our way to our next adventure. Life is such a wonderful adventure. There's a song by Lee Ann Womack, I think the name of it is: "I hope you Dance". It's one of my favorites. One of the verses goes something like this: "When you have the chance to set it out or dance, I hope you dance." She's talking about life. Enjoy every second of it. Cherish it. Make good memories. Memories cost you nothing and yet they are priceless!!!!! One more memory with little love joy!! I' think that's what I'll start calling her. My little love joy!!!!!!!!  Posted by Picasa


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