Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My sock progress

Thanks to Karen for driving around 45 minutes to come help me with my 2 socks on the ML!!!!!! You can see I'm making progress again. I've not had a lot of time to knit on my socks. I'm trying to make a afghan for my sis's new grandbaby and I'm way behind, so I got this far and set down the socks for a couple of weeks until after the shower. Just had to try them on to see what they will look like. I'm going to like them. I love the Magic Loop!!!!! And the Magic Loop group who have been such help as well reading the posts. Started another pair while Karen was there to help me remember ( and I had forgotten) how to get started. I've got lots of sock yarn to knit with. I love a good stash. And now am involved with a sock yarn exchange on one of my groups. Sock-a-maniacs. It's a "Pedicured Foot Sock Yarn Swap". We're swapping enough yarn to make a pair of socks, a pattern and some goodies that have to do with a pedicured foot. Perfect!!!! Can't wait to get my pkg. off to my partner. In fact I love the yarn so much I really want to keep it for myself. She wanted something wild. I love it!!!!! Oh well, just a little note to let you know my progress. Still slow, but getting there. Next week I go back to keeping my granddaughter 3 days a week, so no knitting then. Being 2 she keeps me very busy. But I love every second of it!!!!!!!
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