Friday, January 04, 2008

Socks ~ In slow progress


Well I started this set of socks a while back and set them down when I got to this point, because I could not figure it out. I wanted to take a photo of them, because tomorrow I have a friend driving 1 hr. to our LYS to show me where to go from here. I really want to learn this 2 socks on one needle ~ The Magic Loop. I have the book, but still get lost, so I'm making notes tomorrow while I have her help. I don't want 2nd. sock syndrome, so I really want to knit 2 at once. I've got all kinds of yarn from sock yarn exchanges from my various sock yahoo groups, not counting what I've bought from my LYS. So I need to get busy on these again. Can't wait till tomorrow. I'll post photos tomorrow and let you know how it's going. Right now I've started a baby afghan for my sister's new grandbaby to be. Gotta really get going on it, as I have a short time to get it done before the shower. Plus my daughter is now exspecting as well, so I've got to get busy there too, although she's just 3 months at the moment. However I don't want to lay the socks down and forget what I've learned. So I'm probably going to start another pair of sock tomorrow while I have Karen's help to refresh my memory on how to do it as well. sorry I've not posted much lately. Been so busy!!! Plus hubby has the camera with him most of the time to take photos of farms that he has listed for sale. Have to grab it out of his truck and then be sure it gets back in there. Tehehehehehe.
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Blogger Chele said...

I can not wait to see your progress as well. I love knitting two socks at once on the Magic Loop so, I can understand wanting to learn the method. I know know how to cast on toe up and cuff down for two on the magic loop. You will get and I'm around if you need any help.

Michele in Washington, DC

January 08, 2008  

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