Friday, December 21, 2007

My princess w/ Santa


Well they set her with 2 different Santa's and she didn't like it at all and then they all three went to the mall one evening and she decided she wanted to see Santa. So off they went. While in line my little princess wanted to know when it was going to be her turn. When it finally came her turn up she went and mommy had to instruct her to tell him what she wanted for Christmas, to which she replied engines. She loves Thomas the train and her Bob Bob ( my SIL's dad) has a big set of trains which she LOVES. My daughter had to explain to Santa that was Thomas the train. She has a lot of them already. My daughter then explained to her to tell him which one's she wanted. She told him, James, Mavis and Boco and another that I can't remember. For her to talk to a stranger is highly unusual. She does not warm up to people at all, but she is getting better. Anyway wanted to share this photo of her with Santa. She's still my love!!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone and have a blessed new year.
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Blogger Crochetoholic Debb said...

shes soo cute...

December 29, 2007  

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