Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby blanket finished

Well the baby blanket is finished just in time for the shower. And it has red on it like she wanted. Actually it's really small, it will cover the baby~ like in a car seat or infant seat. Next time I make it I'll at least double it. The pattern is from and it's called 16 chunky knit baby blanket. I love the pattern, but not crazy about adding the red for the trim. But to each their own. Someone sent me the pattern from It's called 16 chunky knit baby blanket. Don't know why the 16. I'll be doing 2 more of these now for my husband's nephew. he's exspecting twins. One boy, one girl!!!! Another shower. LOL. Then my daughter is exspecting. Don't know yet what she's having.
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Blogger Chele said...

Nice work! You are surely all the ball. I love reading your blog. Keep posting, makes me feel like Im enjoying all the moments with you. If need to cry we can do that to.

February 10, 2008  

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