Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Toucan Bag ~ Materials used

I've been asked by more than one person, what pattern I used and so forth. So I thought I would post it here. I went to : . That link should take you right to the purse. I have to tell you, my sister knitted and felted this purse first and it was way shorter than what I wanted. So I just started knitting and I think I tripled the length of what it called for. I used doubled Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes" yarn, which by the way I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on the ruffle, I knitted a couple of rows more and added Knit Picks "Butterfly Kisses" doubled in with the yarn. Hope this helps. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment with your email addy.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

They moved my Purse!

Well they have moved my purse off of the Home Page of Creative Corner Yahoo Site. BooHoo!!!!!!!!! Well it was nice for a short time!!!! I really can't complain because it took a place of honor, even if it was for a short time. And it was a wonderful woman, who's necklace, she designed and made, that won first place in a contest that took my Toucans' place. She deserves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for having it on your site. And I mean that!!!!!! They are a great bunch of ladies. All of them.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Sunday the 27th of Aug. is my Son-In-Love's 30th birthday!!!! So Happy Birthday to you!!! He checks my blog fairly often. Now what kind of son-in-love does that?? Only the best!!!!!!!!! And I get a birthday present. I get to keep my granddaughter and give her her bath and put her to bed. Any time I get to spend with her is a gift to me!!!!! Once again Happy Birthday to the Most Wonderful Son-In-Love on the face of this earth.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

My grandaughter's Walking !!!!

For those of you who do not know, this is my granddaughter. She is the joy of my life!!!!! She's the one this blog is really about. She started out with just a few steps ( of course) and then went to 10 really fast. I took a whole roll of film and only a few turned out good. Oh well. That's my car keys she has in her mouth. She has 8 teeth now and looks like she cutting more. She constantly wants to chew on something and loves my keychain. And as you can see she's toy poor. NOT!!! But my kids ( my daughter and son-in-love) are thrifty. She hits the garage sells. She tries really hard to make their salaries go as far as it can. And my son-in-love works hard too, besides his regular job, he does side jobs, like helping my nephew on the weekends landscaping. ( Just started that). I'll put up a small slide show of her walking and a close up of her. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Homepage of Creative Korner Yahoo Group

I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Homepage of Creative Korner Yahoo Group has featured my Red Ruffle Toucan Bag as their homepage photo. You can see it at: . They are the sweetest bunch of ladies. Thank you ladies. Thank you Galene!!!! I think I'm walking on water here, only ya'll can't see it. It's such a privledge!!!!!!!! WoooooooHoooooooo!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Finished Toucan Purse

Well I tore all the other out. Took off the yellow chest and the green beak and the green around the eye. I was just not satified with what I had done. Even thou the photo was showing those colors. So I googled again and came up with another Toucan with a different color scheme. I like this one better. I still have some tweaking to do however. But for the most part I'm thru. I think I might add a leaf or maybe a nut in his beak. Just a thought. I had no idea there was that many varities of Toucan's. I'm liking this one much better. Thank you ~ everyone for all your help in voting. I'll have to try the other two on different colored bags. The Cockatoo and the Macaw. Needle felting is so much fun and it's another addictive hobby. Oh by the way ~ guess what my Daughter and Son-in-love and Son gave me for my birthday. A GIFT CERTIFICATE TO MY LOCAL YARN MART!!!!!!!!!!! WooHoooooooo. How well do they know their mom??? LOL
Well it's after midnight and I'm thru for tonight. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Toucan Bag

Well I started with the Cockatoo, since it had the most votes. But did not like how it was needle felting on the dark red. So I pulled that out. Took a vote at the LYS> The Toucan had it. I've worked two hours all total and am just half way happy with what I see. When I took a picture of it, I can see all kinds of things that are wrong!!!! The orange in the bill is too dark. Gotta lighten that. The bill / beak is too thick, gotta skinny that up. Gotta lot more work to do on it, besides finishing the end of the beak. Just a little updateing. Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

OK ~ Which one?????

OK~~~~~~~ Which one?????? The toucan on the right would be needle felted larger than the photo. About the size of the mac aw. Don't forget you can click on the photo itself to enlarge it, to see it better. The blue macaw is about the size I would do. The cockatoos are to the left ~ if I did him, I would only do the one to the right of the photo. Time to vote. I need your input. Which one do you think would go better.

Handles and ribbon for purse

Well you know I said I did not want to felt a handle for this purse. Soooooo I went to Hobby Lobby today and was looking at purse handles. This one jumped out at me. ( So to speak). Then I remembered some ribbon I had at home. Perfect. I can attach the handle to the inside of the bag with this ribbon. The top of the bag reminds me of feathers, so that's where I came up with needle felting a bird on it. Don't know if I'm going to be able to offer this one on ebay or not. LOL>>> I'm seriously thinking of doing the head shot of the toucan, because he has a lot of black on him. Green around his eye and some on his beak. Then brunt red / rust on the end of his beak. I think he'll do better than the cobalt blue macaw. But then maybe the cockatoo with the yellow head feathers would look good. Posted by Picasa

Red Bag Felted

Well I finished knitting and felting my red bag. It's drying in this photo. I'll go get a handle for it tomorrow. I just did not want to do a felted handle. This photo does not do it justice. Here I go again. It's the photographer. LOL>>>>> I'm looking at needle felting either a Blue Macaw or a white cockatoo or a toucan. I love birds, although I do not have, nor have I ever had a bird. Just love them!!!! What do ya'll think???? The Macaw is electric blue or cobalt blue with a white face. And of course everyone knows what a cockatoo and a toucan looks like. I haven't made up my mind yet. I've got photos of each and will more than likely needle felt it Thur. when my sister and I go to the Knit shop. So I'll post photos when I get thru with it. This one might go on ebay for sale. That's what my husband would like. And you can only carry so many purses. But oh boy, how I hate to part with any of the items I make. Then I'll be on to another project (a purse, with needle felting) which I can not say what the needle felting will be, as it's for a special friend. It's going to be a surprise for her. Boy I hope she likes it. Not many people appreciate all the hard work that goes into these babies, unless your into hand crafts yourself. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 11, 2006

Stitch marker Exchange

My first stitch marker exchange was with Andi ~ the moderator and I believe the orginator of the Yahoo Group Monthly Dishcloth, of which I am a member there as well!!! She was my exchange partner. I got the best end of the deal. She sent me a bag big enough to hold a small knitting project, ( like a dishcloth). A cute magnetic message pad, which I can always use!!! A postcard of Ocean City, Maryland, which she stated she would like be at knitting and I have to say I also would love to be there. Never been to Maryland before. A simmering wax~ mandarin Sage, which smells wonderful. My daughter would love this one!!! And my stitch markers. They are dragonflies!!! Turqouise Blue and light brown. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Andi!!!!!!! She got the short end of the deal!!! I had other things to mail with her markers that I had made her and was mailing three different exchanges at one time and all she got was the markers. Think I might have to make this up to her. I had things to add to all of them and only she did not get them. Rats. Oh well I think I'll have to rectify this in the morning. Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 07, 2006

Lighthouse Dishcloth KAL

Just completed the mystery KAL for the 1st. of Aug. for Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group. It turned out to be a lighthouse. Don't know if you can see it good in this photo or not. Think I'll save this one as a gift for Christmas and I know just who it will go to. I've got some other ones to do as well that will go with this theme. A sealion, seahorse and Starfish. The mystery person lives by the ocean. Hope they will enjoy it. I've got it blocking for now. Can't wait till the middle of Aug. to another mystery KAL for another dishcloth. Usually that one is a design in the cloth and not a object. This give you something to do that's fast and easy while your doing a big project. And they give you 10 rows a day to do. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

Purse touched up

I went back and touched up the top of his neck and back, which I was not happy with. I think he looks better now. He was too thick thru there. Like I said I left some of the eyebrow,whiskers and chest hair long and loose like his. I placed the photo that I did him from to the right. I'm not very good at photo taking, so this is about as good / clear as it gets. Hope it's clear enough for you to see. I've already had several people ask about doing them one. In fact I took it over to my daughters this morning to show her and she wants me to do one with her dog ( my granddog) on it. Her husband (Drew) called while I was over there taking care of Lake and told me how much he liked it. He watches my blog. I told you he was a wonderful son-in-law. How many son-in-laws would check your blog to see what your doing. Of course his baby girl is on here too. He also said don't show it to his wife or she would want one. I had to laugh and tell him, I already had and she had already said she wanted one. They've only been married 5 yrs., but I'd say he knows her pretty good. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finished my Bag

Well today I needle felted my dog's photo on my bag. You can find his photo down further in my blog. It's the one that I did this off of. How did I do????? This is my first attempt at doing this and I did it free handed. I went to my LYS to have some peace and quiet to try and do this and to have some help if I needed it. Only things was the only lady that does it, was not there today. Just my luck. She'll be there tomorrow. Oh well, I just plunged right in. Be honest with me, you will not hurt my fellings. Well maybe you will. Be gentle. LOL> Like I said when I was bloging about him, he's 16 years old now and has been a treasure to my husband and I. Actually he is really my husbands dog, he just tolerates me. So don't know why I would dedicate a place on my purse to him. Really I do!!!!! He is a vital part of our family. He's the second schnauzer we have had. The one before him was 10-1/2 yrs. old when he got Liver Cancer and we lost him. It tears a whole in your heart. Enough said about that. You can tell I'm a real animal lover, particularly Schnauzers. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

My Son-in-Love and my granddaughter

This is a photo of my son- in-love ( not law). I often say and will continue to say, he is the best son-in-law a person could have. He loves my daughter and granddaughter very, very much. He's a daddy that gets down in the floor and plays with his daughter. He can be silly for her and she just loves it!!!! It's one of the few times she does a real belly laugh. He takes care of her when mommy needs some time at the gym in the afternoons. He takes her swimming and is teaching her how to swim. He's a wonderful daddy!!!!! He helps my daughter with the cooking and I could go on & on. Now, before you start your head going and thinking, Oh boy, I'm not sayng he's perfect, neither am I or anyone else for that matter. He's still gets my vote for #1. I saw this photo at my daughter's today while I was keeping my grandgirl. It's from the 4th of July weekend. He, my daughter and granddaughter had been at the lake with his family all weekend. Looks like he got a little sunburn. But I wanted everyone to see where my grandaughter gets those big beautiful eyes at. She looks good in that color, does she not. Here goes the Mimi in me. LOL Posted by Picasa