Sunday, June 01, 2008

Time with my mom and sister

A lot of you know that we ha to put my dad in the nursing home w/ Alzeheimer ( think I spelled that right). It got where we had too, we had no choice. We stuck in there as long as we physically could, all of us! Well mom decided that she needed a few days off, so we planned a trip to Branson,Mo. about a 3-1/2 hour drive from here. Monday morning we went by the nursing home to see Dad on the way out of town, with the guys promising that they would also be checking on dad as well. We left a 7:00 that morning, stopped to see Dad, then stopped for breakfast and we were off. At some point in the curves on the highway, I had to switch and drive until we pulled into Branson as the roads are curvy and up and down and I tend to get car sick. We pulled in there in time to get checked into the Condo and go eat lunch. This was going to be a wonderful trip for all of us!!!! We did a little shopping after lunch including picking up tickets to the "Baldknobbers". They were the first live theater to open in Branson when it was just a little wee of a town. My sis and I decided that whatever mom wanted to do that is what we would do!!! Dad had gotten where he didn't want to see the Baldknobbers anymore and she wanted to, so off we went after eating supper. It was so good to see her laugh!!! Did my heart good. Then back to the condo. We didn't know it, but she didn't sleep good that night. My sis and I slept in one king size bed and mom in the other room in a king. The next day we were off to hit the outlet malls and took photos of us setting in a hughe chair at one place we stopped for lunch. I'm on the right ( in the white), mom in the middle and my sis is on the right in the red shirt ( where there's the three of us). I took the camera, but didn't take many photos, just these. We decided not to see a show Tues night. Instead we went out to eat at a really nice place and came back and set on the balcony of the condo and talked till way past dark. It was a wonderful and relaxing time for all of us. Didn't know how much all of us needed that until much later. Then off to bed for the night. Up the next morning to pack, eat breakfast and leave town. We stopped at a place in Clinton, AR. that had the most unique western, log cabin type furniture. I love it!!! My sis fell in love with it and so did mom. I had seen it before when hubby and I had stopped to inquire about land for sale in the area. While hubby was talking to the owner I looked around. So I suggested we stop. While there we ate lunch and then stopped by to see Dad on the way home. He never missed us. Seems he can take a nap and wake up and think it's a new day. The boys were good about checking in on him. Boy what good memories and it sure did mom as well me good. Mom took me, my sis and my SIL on a cruise in 1995 and 1996 and I have such good memories of that as well as albums of photos that we took. Somethings we never forget, so never forget to make memories while you can!!!!!!! Mom says we're going to do more of going off for a few days at a time. Don't know what she has up her sleeve, but I'm not telling hubby yet as he's one that does not like me gone!!!! LOL. But it will do us all good. And she needs it as much as I do!!!! One of the photos of the three of us, you will see mom and myelf making a face, we didn't realize it was a rocking chair and it started rocking backwarss and we just knew the chair was going over with us all. We had a good laugh when we discovered that it was indeed a rocking chair. Enough for now.
Don't forget make memories while you can!!!!!!!


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