Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shearing Day and the Gardens

Well I've been emailing a friend, Brenda H., for almost 2 years now on one of my knitting groups and finally got to meet her when she told me she was coming up for shearing day. She's just as sweet as she seemed over the net!!!!! Maybe even more so. Shearing Day is something I didn't know anything about and I live here. She lives out of state. So I made plans with her, my daughter, son-in-love and 2-1/2 yr. old granddaughter to go to "Shearing Day at the Farm", about 20 min. from my house. My daughter loves new things like this. It's such a good experience!!!! So we met up and got to watch them shear the "Jacob Sheep" and the Alpaca's and pet some Angora Bunnies that were for sale. And Brenda went home with one making her 4 bunnies now. My little angel wanted the one that Ms. Brenda got. But she will have to wait and maybe she can have one of Mr. Smokey's offsprings. The Jacob sheep orginated from Jerusalem and they are very rare in the US. Less than 5000, I believe the owner said. He's the one in the blue holding down the young male alpaca's neck. It was very interesting. Almost made me want a farm, so I could have some. The shearing that they got off of the sheep and the alpaca was wonderful. They will clean it and so forth ( not really sure what all goes on there) and it will be for sale. I'm going to have to learn to spin so I can have some of it. Next my daughter (6 months pregnant w/ baby brother ~ Sawyer) and my precious angel went to the Gardens for the third year in a row to take my angel's photo's in front of the tulips. Her first photo was when she was 7 months old in front of them. Next year baby brother will be in the photos. While we were taking photos of her in front of the red tulips, we noticed a man snapping photos of her right and left and then he handed my daughter his business card and said to look in tomorrow paper, there was a chance that my angels photo would be in there. And sure enough it was front page. So you know this Mimi called and ordered 8 more copies. Tehehehehe. I'll scan it and add it to the slide show later. Just had to share. Oh yeah, I've got 3 different pairs of socks OTN at the moment, that go with me in the car. And a sweater for me. But I've got to get busy with baby brother something. But being born in mid July he won't need anything for a little while yet.
WHOOPS ~ forgot, if the slide show should stop and ask for your email addy, just click on the the little red X at the top right hand corner and it will start again. Or if it's not running you can do the same thing. And I think you can clik on a particular photo to enlarge it as well.


Blogger MJ said...

I'm sure glad that your blog is working for me now. Loved the slide show and getting to meet some of your family. What fun you all must have had. hugs, mj

March 31, 2008  

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