Friday, June 30, 2006

Other side of Noni

I decided to do a smaller chrysanthemum on the other side and do it in light pink. Kind of wished I had gone ahead and done the bigger one. I do like the color though. I'm seriously thinking about making a bigger one in the light pink and adding it to the right of this one. What do you think??? I think I need something for the bottom to give it support, but have no idea since it's a round bag. Any ideas, please post in the comment section. Even though I did line it, I don't think it's enough support. it looks like the lines are leaning, but they are not. I think it's the bottom sagging in the middle. I will definetely carry this bag and enjoy every moment of it. Posted by Picasa

Noni Finished

Well, It's finished!!!!!! Felted the last two flowers last night and as soon as they were dry, I started putting them on the purse. I really like this purse. Now to go find several pink things to wear, so I can carry it!!! LOL> It's a little longer than I thought it would be . Pre-felted size was 30" long by 30" circumferance and the ends were 9". Felted size is 16" long by 16" circumference and the ends are 7-1/2". I tack down some of the petals, not all. All in all, I think it turned out well. I did notice that Nora ( the creator of the pattern) had her's stitched around the top. Not sure what that was for. I also noticed that the Cascade 220 felted different in different colors. Really odd. The top edges on each side was really rough & uneven, not sure why, although I think it was the way I was switching from color to color. So I might try to do the adding of different colors during the knitting process a little different next time. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My Girl

I can not let my granddaughter be out done by any bags or my baby boy ( dog)!!! Isn't she the cutest things you've every seen? She's modeling one of her swimming pool hats for Mimi. I'll be posting more of her in her different hats later. Gosh I love this girl!!!!!! Look at those two teeth. She now has 4. She'll be 10 months old July 1st. Mimi's girl!!!!! I also have a granddog. Can't forget her. She's a little jealous. Her name is Evie and my daughter adopted her form a group that rescue's abandoned dogs. She's spoiled too like mine. Posted by Picasa

Skeeter ~ Our baby of 16yrs.

Just had to show another photo of one of our family, our Schnauzer. Sounds funny calling him a schnauzer. We've always told everyone to spell DOG around him, because he has no idea he is one. He'll be 16 yrs. old next week, the first week of July. You sure get attached to them, especially in 16 years!!!!! He's got a little arthritis now in his back hips and cataracts on both eyes, but he's still our little boy!!!! Speaking of Arthritis, If you have Arthritis or know someone who does, I have a link over to the side on "Sites I Visit." If you would like more info on it or have questions or would like to donate, please visit that site. It might help to understand that disease a little better. Posted by Picasa

Noni lined and almost there

A little better view from the side with the handles and the inside with pockets. Gotta have pockets for all the necessaries. Lipstick, etc. Can't wait till I get the flowers done. As one email buddy said, her's looked like tarantulas. LOL. I'll post again, going to work on the flowers.

Noni lined ~ handles added

Well I don't sew very good at all, BUT here it is. I finished the lining , with pockets, and got it sewn in the bag. I put a magnetic button, since the bag was so long to make sure it stay closed. Attached the handles and am now working on the first of three flowers to add. Well as you can see I'm at the computer. LOL. Will post some more of the inside along with this one. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Just could not resist posting a photo of my two girls. They are both my joy and the loves of my life. My daughter and her daughter. They are both so beautiful and what joy they bring to my life!!!!!!! Look at those big baby blues on my baby girl. She looks like her daddy!!!! And what a joy he is to me as well. He is with a doubt the best son-in-love ( not law) a woman could have. He loves my daughter and his daughter so much. He can make my granddaughter laugh just being around him. She loves her daddy and mommy. I love this photo taken by his mom!!! Thanks for sharing Bebe!!! I'm Mimi and she's Bebe. She's in France right now. She's a French teacher and taking some kind of classes over there. She sent a post card to my daughter and my son-in-love. Oh the view, it was beautiful! Take some more good photos over the fourth of July and be sure and share, Bebe. Have a safe trip home. Mimi Posted by Picasa

Material and handles for NONI

This is the material I've picked out to line my baquette with. It's the only thing I could find that even half way went. It has little, little pink polk-a-dot's as well. And the handles of course are similiar to those on the pattern. Now to get to knitting the flowers. I'm going to my chair now and begin. Tomorrow will be busy, other two grandchildren's birthday party, as well as Mon. I'm keeping my grandaughter. I'll get back on it Mon evening. LOL Posted by Picasa

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Noni Baquette After felting ~ Still drying

Well it's finally about finished. I just got thru felting it and it's drying as I type. Now to start on the flowers!!!!! As soon as it's dry, I intend to line it and then add the bamboo handles, flowers, & magnets to help it stay closed. The lining I bought was off white, with pink and green polk-a-dots. I think that will be cute!!!! Was not real happy with the top of it. If you look at the photo, there's an indention in several spots that I had to take back in and re-stuff it right. It seems a little uneven and I think I followed the instructions right. LOL. Maybe I did not felt it right. It had felting tips included in the pattern. However I elected not to sew it shut at the opening. All the stripes lined up correct after felting and that's something. LOLA. Ask my LYS to take a look at the patterm to make sure I was doing the addition of colors right as I knitted it. They thought I was, however I now find out after reading a comment on the Noni Felted Blog site, that I was not doing the cast off right. I had made a trip just for that purpose to my LYS to make sure I was. And guess what. NO!!! LOL. Finished measurements are 16-3/4" long by 17-1/2" circumferance. End circles are 7-1/2". Still it will be a pretty bag!!!! Can't wait till I get thru with this one. It will have to wait a couple of days as I will be really busy until Mon. afternoon. Shucks as they say in Arkansas. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lucy Bag

Well I'm about half way thru my Lucy Bag. Pattern is from "Two Old Bags". It's hot pink with a pink and green ladder yarn knit thru here and there. Don't know how that's going to felt. Then I plan on adding the Popcorn Yarn ( double stranded) about the last 8-10". But I laid it aside to work on my NONI. Just pick it up when I need a break. I'm going to love this one as well thou. Will post more later. Posted by Picasa

Monday, June 19, 2006

Noni Bag ~ Three Sassy, Skinny, Tube Baquettes

I love this bag. I'm thru with the body of the bag itself except binding off. Don't understand the directions. I guess I'm going to have to take it to my LYS for help. I made it in the orginal colors. Bright pink, natural pink, green and cream. When I know I like the size of it, I intend to make another one. This time the colors will be Black, Dark Grey, Light Gray and Cream. The Spider Crysanthemum Flower for that one will be Cream. I'll stick to the orginal ones on this one, with the exception of one light pink cry. I bought the bamboo handles like the pattern shows at Hobby Lobby. Very reasonable. Finished size B4 felting is: 30" long by 30" circumference and the circle on the end is 9". Posted by Picasa

Black Feather Pin ~ Yarn Fringe ~ My own creation

Another one of my pins that I created!!!! Black feathers (of course) and with black, white and rust colored yarns. Added color contrasting feathers to the center of this one. Once again I'm telling you, my sister and I love things that are different!!!!! Can you tell??? LOL I hope you enjoy seeing them. I really enjoy wearing them. I've thought about selling them, but have no idea of what to ask. Any Ideas from any of you?????? Don't ask ~ I'm not giving this idea away! But you could more than likely figure it out!

Olive Green Feather pin w/ yarn fringe

This is a pin that I made for my jacket. My own creation. This particular one is Olive green feathers, with a purple medal hand in the middle of the feathers. Don't know if you can see that or not. Then picked up the olive green in the yarn with some purple yarn and mingled with other colors. A good way to use up your stash!!!! It's fun to do and if you looked at my earlier posting you will see that I like different stuff, like the Gypsy purse. Like the black feather pin, only different. Each one I make is a one of a kind. No two alike. Still thinking about selling them. Don't have any ideas of how to advertise or what to ask????? Who knows, maybe I'll make a small fortune. LOL
No pattern. I just create!!

My B4 Bags

Two B4 bags I've knitted. Here is the site where you can go and see several variations, plus description of the bag as well as order from the lady that created it, Trish: I love this bag!! The instructions are well written and should you have any problem understanding any of it, all you have to do is email her and she will be glad to help you with it. When you order from her, she uploads the pattern direct to you, so you have it in a matter of minutes. I love the internet!!!! The 1st. bag I made which is to the right of this, is made from a yarn called 127 Print. Came out a little fuzzy and the slight color variation did not really show up too good. I made the handles a little longer than the pattern called for. Used metals buttons and added a little key at the top. The second bag I made ( the one at the top of this article) is made from Noro Kuryeon, doubled stranded, still a little fuzzy. Made the handles according to directions. Bought two different buttons, choose the lighter ones, now wish I had chose the really odd ones. There goes the gypsy again. LOL. Still getting use to this blog thing. Afraid I posted my photos a little odd. Not too sure on how to do a lot of things on blogs. However I will definetly make another one of Trish's bags. Thank you Trish for this pattern!!!!

Buttonhole Bag

Buttonhole bag made with Cascade 220. Bottom is before felting and of course top is felted. Novelty yarn did not felt to good!!! Looked a little worn out. But still the bag is really cute with jeans.

Gypsy Bag

This is a photo of a purse I've named "Gypsy". My sister and I tease about being part Gypsy because we like things that are different or unusal. Stuff with splash!!!!! Guess it's the Indian in us really, instead of the gypsy. Our eight great grandmother was Pocahantas. Our Aunt Evelyn wanted to join a group called "Daughters of the American Revolution" and to do that had to prove her heritage. They have to go to great length to prove it and then it has to be certified, is my understanding. It was in doing their ( Aunt Evelyn and our grandfather) research that they found out about our great grandmother. Plus our great grandmother ( both grandmothers are on our Fathers side) was half Indian. I love my heritage!!!! My Aunt passed away before they could welcome her in. To get back to the purse, I found what I used to top the purse with first and designed the purse around it. It is by far my favorite purse. It gets a lot of attention. LOL.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

A journey of my granddaughter forward

Friday, June 16, 2006

My very first felted bag

First felted purse I ever made. Love it!!!! Black Cascade 220, again doubled!!!! With a bright copper metallic and black fringe added in on top. I tend to wear a lot of black, so you more than likely in the days ahead will see more black. I intend to knit / felt a black bag coming up next with a cream dreadlock fringe ( it's a pattern that one of the ladies on one of my favorite felted bag site's created) on top and needle felt my Schnauzer on it. "Skeeter" named after Skeeter Bass Boats. Can you tell my husband named him??? LOL. He will be 16 years old the first week of July. He's our baby, since our kids are married and have children of theie own. As I make each bag, I will name the creator / owner of the pattern. This is a Fiber Trend bag and I just changed up the handles. The pattern is AC44 Party Purse at Hope you like it!

Two more of the felted baskets / purses made for a friends two granddaughters. Blue is Cascasde 220 and the Red is New Zealand Wool Pak. You can see the size as compared to a coaster. Lots of fun to make and knits really fast. Makes greats gifts. My sister (Shela) made three for a baby shower for triplets. One boy, two girls. Made a med. blue for the boy and one light pink and one bright pink for the two girls. Filled them with pacifers, diaper rash cream, etc. They were a hit!!

This is the felted purse / basket my grandaughter is holding. It's made out of Casecade 220, with Fizz ~ Stardust novelty yarn, both double stranded with an I-cord handle. Could be used as a basket or purse.

My granddaughter "Lake", holding a purse / basket her "Mimi" knitted / felted for her. She sure puts a smile on my face and lights up my whole day!!! What a joy grandkids can be!!!! You'll be seeing & hearing more of her I'm sure. She's almost 10 months old and pulling up on things and trying to run. You read that right, RUN!!! And when she smiles, everthing in the whole world is made right with her "Mimi". Needless to say you can see I'm crazy about her!!!!!! Both my girls actually. My daughter and grandaughter!!!!!!!!! I don't get to see much of my son and daughter-in-law and their two children. So I lavish all my attention and love of this one! Gosh she's cute!!! Enough of that. I'll be off to the lake in just a moment, so I'll be posting some of my felted purses when I get back. I'll try to get a few done before I leave. Hope you enjoy reading my everyday journal.