Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our family photo at Christmas

Well this a photo of my Mom (79) and Dad (81) and to the left of the photo in the back is my sister, she's the oldest. Then there's me in the middle, I'm the middle child as well. And then my brother, he's the baby. Don't forget you can click on the photo to make it larger if you need to. This was taken at Christmas this year. I just wanted to post this to my blog and I'm not even sure why. Dad's health is not very good. They believe he's got Parkinson's Disease. He shufles his feet so bad that he's fallen several times now. So mom and my sister went and got several wheelchairs for him. He has an electric one. He also has another for just in the house to use and then a fold up one that mom can lift out of the back of the car. My little granddaughter and I go out to see them every Monday and they seem to wait in great anticipation for our visit. I want her to know and hopefully remember her Granny and Papa , her great-grandparents. I got to know and remember 3 of mine. I'm hoping that all goes normal so that my next grand baby due in mid July will get to know them as well. My princess loves going to see her Granny and Papa. She knows that every Monday Granny has Choc. cake made just for her. She loves Granny Choc. cake!!!!! I think it wears them out, but yet they love it so much!!! Dad will forget what day it is and ask if she's coming to see him that morning. And mom will have to tell him what day it is and tell him not yet. I take her to Library Day on Wen. to do arts and crafts and learn about different Countries and the animals, etc that live there. She loves Library day and then she wants to come here for a little while and play. So I bring her home with me!!!! Then take her home in time to feed her lunch and put her down for her nap. She will be 29 months the 1st. of Feb. Just seems the other day she was born. Gosh how I love that little stink. It's hard to imagine that I can love another one as much as her. But I know I will. We'll find out Feb. 7th what my daughter is having. And of course it will be on here.
Up top you will notice I've posted another photo as well of my great-grandparetns that I went to see every Sat. when I was little. It was about a one hour drive if I remember correctly, since there were no freeways back then. This is my dad's grand parents on his mom's side. He looks a lot like his grandad I think. Mama Ben as we called her was 1/2 Cherokee Indian. Although she looks full blooded. Everyone refused to talk much about it, back then it was not good!!!! Oh well the times they have changed. Then also on my dad's side, but this time on his dad's side ( is this confusing) Pocahontas was my 8th great grandmother. A fact I'm very proud of!!!!! My aunt (dad's sister) wanted to join a group called "Daughter's of the American Revolution" and to do this she had to research and brings papers showing certain facts. While she and my grandfather were researching the info, they ran across this interesting fact. And yes I have the papers to prove it!!!! I love it!!! Oh well enough for now. I'll be posting about my new grand baby to be soon. So watch for the up coming news. You might even hear me shout. I don't know I have a feeling it's a boy. My daughter thinks it's another girl. They don't care as long as it's healthy!!!! And after all that's the important part.
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Friday, January 25, 2008

Baby blanket finished

Well the baby blanket is finished just in time for the shower. And it has red on it like she wanted. Actually it's really small, it will cover the baby~ like in a car seat or infant seat. Next time I make it I'll at least double it. The pattern is from and it's called 16 chunky knit baby blanket. I love the pattern, but not crazy about adding the red for the trim. But to each their own. Someone sent me the pattern from It's called 16 chunky knit baby blanket. Don't know why the 16. I'll be doing 2 more of these now for my husband's nephew. he's exspecting twins. One boy, one girl!!!! Another shower. LOL. Then my daughter is exspecting. Don't know yet what she's having.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Booby Sock ~ Cancer Awareness sock

I've copied and pasted this article from another blog to mine as I feel this is a important message to get out as well. This is From Cathy H. site.
There is a woman I know via the internet, a wonderful talented designer named Chappy. Now Chappy has designed many patterns over the years, but none as special as the booby sock. Thats right you heard me the booby sock,a sock designed for woman by a woman in support of breast cancer awarness/ i would love if all of you could take a look at this pattern and order it , part of the proceeds go to the Susan B Cancer reasearch foundation a very worthy cause indeed.

We all have to do our part in finding a cure for breast cancer. woman and men alike as it is not just a disease for woman. men too can get breast cancer.

So hop aboard and order your pattern from Chappy, you wont regret it, its a wonderful design from a talented designer for a cause that needs our help. we all know some one somewho has either suffered from breast cancer or who has had a family member or friend devistated from this disease. Won't you please do your part and help?

You've all heard of bobby socks; well, this is booby sock! Besides making you smile, or even giggle, there is a purpose for this sock. It is to give awareness to breast cancer. Along with keeping your feet warm, the booby socks will give you a gentle reminder to do your monthly self-breast exams and to get that annual mammogram!
The booby sock has several features - a cabled cuff, 4 different pattern bands and a star toe. Some info on these choices:
1st pattern band represents our tireless, unending footsteps to raise money to help find a cure.
2nd pattern band represents the pink ribbon which is known internationally as a symbol to help raise awareness of breast cancer.
3rd pattern band represents a pair of breasts. (okay, you gotta stretch the imagination a tad here!)
4th pattern band represents a pair of mammogrammed breasts. (there's a giggle!)
A star toe was used since every woman is a star! And yes, the toe is anatomically correct!
$7.50 - $3.50 of the purchase price will be donated to the Susan Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. I will keep a running total posted of what is being donated.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

Slow progress on socks

For some reason Blogger is not letting me add photos of the socks and sweater to my article below. So I'm having to add them by themselves. Sorry!!! The socks are made from Trekking yarn by Zitron, color #21. A friend of mine when I first started knitting socks sent a lot of sock yarn and this was part of it!!! Thanks Chappy!!! Don't forget you can click on the photos to enlarge them to help you see them better. See you next time!!!
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Sweater in progress

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The yarn for this sweater is Debbie Bliss, cashmerino dk in the color 18006. The pattern is from the book "Cashmerino DK" by Debbie Bliss. Just thought I would come back and add the info. not only for any viewers, but for myself in the future.

What's on the needles for now!!

Well this is the Baby afghan that I'm working on for this next Saturday. My daughter and I are throwing my sister's daughter-in-law a baby shower and I'm trying to get this thing knitted. But during the pattern if you lay it down you could be in trouble. I've ripped it totally out once and started all over again. Then I've ripped back 4 times and now guess what, that's right!!!! I set it down to fix supper just knowing I would remember where I was at and of course I didn't and now I get to rip it back again for several rows. Rats. I hope it gets made before Sat. Maybe from now on I'll remember to write down which row I'm on before I lay it aside!!!! Running out of time on it and have a very busy week ahead!!! Second photo is of a sweater I'm knitting for me. This will be my very first sweater for me. You can see a photo of the back of it in the book. I think it's going to be beautiful!!! It's very form fitting! And now that I've lost 45-1/2 lbs and still need to go another 10 to 20, it should look good on me. LOL. And third but not last I'm making slow progress on the socks. I'll do a couple of rows in between something, like when I need to rip out the baby blanket. UGH!!!

I just wanted to tell you I found a site that I had lost when my computer crashed. Yes it crashed!!!! Right before Christmas. It had been going in and out!! Lost everything. All my patterns, those I found on the net, those shared from friends and those I paid for that were PDF's. Photos, web sites that I love to visit, etc. Had 4 different techs, all from different places look at it and got nothing. Not one thing!! I had backed it up on an external hardrive with a program that encoded it. I told it not to, but it did anyway. And the software company said there was nothing they could do for me. The encryption code was over 500,000 letters and figures. Anyway one of my favorite sites was of Terry M., the Sailing Knitter. Her and her husband sold their home and bought a sail boat and are sailing all over the ocean. I'm living my life through her. I had lost this site and loved looking at her photos and reading her adventures. Someone posted it the other day on one of my yahoo groups and I found it again. I'm so happy, can you tell?????? I wish I could do that, but instead I'll live it through her. Thanks Terry!!
Anyway just wanted to post my works in progress or my OTN ( on the needles). Off to work on the baby afghan again!!
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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My sock progress

Thanks to Karen for driving around 45 minutes to come help me with my 2 socks on the ML!!!!!! You can see I'm making progress again. I've not had a lot of time to knit on my socks. I'm trying to make a afghan for my sis's new grandbaby and I'm way behind, so I got this far and set down the socks for a couple of weeks until after the shower. Just had to try them on to see what they will look like. I'm going to like them. I love the Magic Loop!!!!! And the Magic Loop group who have been such help as well reading the posts. Started another pair while Karen was there to help me remember ( and I had forgotten) how to get started. I've got lots of sock yarn to knit with. I love a good stash. And now am involved with a sock yarn exchange on one of my groups. Sock-a-maniacs. It's a "Pedicured Foot Sock Yarn Swap". We're swapping enough yarn to make a pair of socks, a pattern and some goodies that have to do with a pedicured foot. Perfect!!!! Can't wait to get my pkg. off to my partner. In fact I love the yarn so much I really want to keep it for myself. She wanted something wild. I love it!!!!! Oh well, just a little note to let you know my progress. Still slow, but getting there. Next week I go back to keeping my granddaughter 3 days a week, so no knitting then. Being 2 she keeps me very busy. But I love every second of it!!!!!!!
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Friday, January 04, 2008

Socks ~ In slow progress


Well I started this set of socks a while back and set them down when I got to this point, because I could not figure it out. I wanted to take a photo of them, because tomorrow I have a friend driving 1 hr. to our LYS to show me where to go from here. I really want to learn this 2 socks on one needle ~ The Magic Loop. I have the book, but still get lost, so I'm making notes tomorrow while I have her help. I don't want 2nd. sock syndrome, so I really want to knit 2 at once. I've got all kinds of yarn from sock yarn exchanges from my various sock yahoo groups, not counting what I've bought from my LYS. So I need to get busy on these again. Can't wait till tomorrow. I'll post photos tomorrow and let you know how it's going. Right now I've started a baby afghan for my sister's new grandbaby to be. Gotta really get going on it, as I have a short time to get it done before the shower. Plus my daughter is now exspecting as well, so I've got to get busy there too, although she's just 3 months at the moment. However I don't want to lay the socks down and forget what I've learned. So I'm probably going to start another pair of sock tomorrow while I have Karen's help to refresh my memory on how to do it as well. sorry I've not posted much lately. Been so busy!!! Plus hubby has the camera with him most of the time to take photos of farms that he has listed for sale. Have to grab it out of his truck and then be sure it gets back in there. Tehehehehehe.
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